Microsoft points out Mac’s missing features in new Windows 10 ads



Microsoft has rolled out a series of new Windows 10 ads that promote its new operating system by highlighting all the advantages PCs have over Macs. Those include things like Windows Hello, which lets you login by looking at your webcam, and touchscreens.

“She’s so helpful; she’s like an assistant,” says one of the women in the “Bug Chicks” commercials, referring to Microsoft’s Cortana function. “Even on the new Macs they don’t have that,” replies the other.

“I don’t have a touchscreen on my Mac,” says the OS X user in another ad. “I’m jealous of that.”

The four ads, which were uploaded to Microsoft’s YouTube channel and are embedded below, are part of a “Windows 10 PCs do more” campaign, which highlights new features on the latest PCs that you can’t get on an Apple machine.

“It’s a small but clear signal that Microsoft is getting more aggressive about advertising Windows 10, straying from the heartwarming tone its launch ads channeled,” explains The Verge“Microsoft has been hoping that the launch of its new operating system can stem the years-long decline in PC sales.”

Of course, you can get Cortana on a Mac by installing Windows 10 in Boot Camp, but then you’re not running OS X — and it’s not the same as having Siri baked-in. However, recent rumors have claimed Siri will come in OS X 10.12 this fall.