This smartphone-using robot was built to beat iPhone games

Robot plays iPhone games

Don’t you just hate it when those super addictive puzzle games on iOS throw up levels you just can’t get past? Junya Sakamoto has a solution — a homemade robot that was built to beat iPhone games, and takes voice commands through a microphone.

Sakamoto explains how the robot was made and how it works in a series of videos posted to his YouTube channel. As you can see in the four-minute clip below, it is connected to a laptop, which analyzes and identifies the best possible moves in each level.

The robot then carries out those moves, achieving scores and combo multipliers that would be very difficult for most players to carry out — at least on a consistent basis. The robot can also type notes, play a piano app, and carry out lots of other tasks.

In another video, Sakamoto demonstrates how the robot can also respond to voice commands via an attached microphone.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I play quite a few puzzle games on iOS, and I could sure use one of these for the harder levels — especially those that want you to pay to progress!

[via MacRumors]