tvOS 9.2 makes it less frustrating to scrub through video using the Siri Remote for Apple TV

Apple TV video scrubbing

Recently, Apple released the latest beta version of tvOS 9.2, the platform running on the company’s newest version of its apple TV.

And in that software, it’s been discovered that Apple has made a pretty key change to the way that users interact with video playback. Specifically, the way that movie and TV show viewers scrub through the content. In its current form, simply swiping on the glass trackpad on the Siri Remote brings up the preview window. The user has to click to access the scrubbing controls from there, but with the sensitive section of the remote, it’s pretty easy to bring up the preview window by accident.

However, that input is changing in a subtle, but useful way. As revealed in the video below, users will now be able to first click on the glass trackpad to access that preview window, and then swipe left or right to move backwards or forward through the video they are watching. This means that the video will pause before the scrubbing can take place, but that should help to avoid any accidental preview windows popping up once the new software is released.

The fourth-generation Apple TV continues to see improvements, just picking up universal search support for new apps, including Disney, and also adding app video previews in the tvOS App Store. tvOS 9.2 is still in beta, but it’s expected to launch to the public sometime in March.

[via 9to5Mac]