Widescreen iPhone 7 is the most insane concept you’ll ever see

widescreen iPhone 7 concept

Forget what you think about iPhone concept videos for a few minutes, because there’s a new one you just have to see. It’s for a “widescreen” iPhone 7, and it’s going to blow your mind. Not only is the idea insane, but it is amazingly well put together.

Put together by “Sonitdac,” this iPhone concept looks like an iPhone 6s and a Galaxy S7 edge merged together. It has a curved glass display that wraps around both sides of the device, encased in a rounded aluminum unibody. But it’s not the handset’s good looks that you’ll be amazed by.

On the top edge of the device, there’s a “widescreen button.” Hit this, and that curved glass display magically expands. The edges of the iPhone extend out of the shell, allowing the flexible display that’s wrapped around them to appear, turning the iPhone into a mini iPad.

It sounds crazy — and it is — but the concept video below almost makes it look possible.

What’s most amazing about this concept isn’t just the neat idea, but also how well it has been put together. The designer doesn’t just throw in an expanding display without thinking about it; they’ve also demonstrated how it expands by breaking down the internal components.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever seen an iPhone like this, but even so, this concept is nothing short of outstanding.