Will Apple use Japan Display’s ‘Pixel Eyes’ touch screen in iPhone 7 that features slimmer bezels and supports wet fingers?


Japan Display, one of the LCD panel suppliers for Apple, had last year demoed its new “Pixel Eyes” technology that incorporated the touch sensor right within the display itself. This helped in reducing the thickness of the panel and improved touch accuracy. Less than a year later, the company has pushed things to the next level with the second generation of its “Pixel Eyes” display.

Beside managing to narrow down the bezels surrounding the display to a mere 0.5mm (down from 0.8mm), the new display panel also features greatly improved touch accuracy that are accurate by up to 1mm. They also feature deeper black levels that should allow for better contrast ratios.

Most importantly though, the second generation “Pixel Eyes” display can also work with wet fingers — something where traditional touchscreen displays currently falter. Apple Watch is the only product in Apple’s lineup right now that is water resistant, but its OLED display does not work properly under water or with wet fingers. Displays on Sony phones, known for its water-resistant phones, also don’t work under water or with wet fingers.

Since JDI’s ‘Pixel Eyes’ displays work with wet fingers, it makes them a strong contender to be used inside the iPhone 7, which rumors indicate will come with water resistant capabilities. The company has already started mass production of its new display and it expects them to start showing up in “premium mobile products” that are due to be released in the second half of this year.

[Via Motley Fool, MacRumors | Source J-Display]