New 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Features an Embedded Apple SIM Card

image Apple SIM

Yesterday Apple took the wraps off the company’s newest 9.7-inch tablet, the new iPad Pro. And with it, took one step forward to moving away from switching SIM cards.

Back in 2014, Apple introduced what it calls the Apple SIM. With it, owners of an Apple device utilizing the SIM card can switch between a variety of carriers, all without having to switch SIM cards to achieve activation. It launched back then with support from Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile in the United States, along with EE in the United Kingdom, and has since grown to cover many different carrier and MVNOs.

Apple is moving in a slightly different, but not entirely unexpected, direction with the launch of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro: an embedded Apple SIM is par for the course, and will be installed in every model of the new tablet that ships. It’s present in every model, and Apple says that buying the tablet directly from the company will mean easy connectivity across carriers, all without switching SIM cards.

However, it should be noted that buying the tablet directly from a carrier could mean the Apple SIM is locked down or outright disabled. So keep that in mind.

It will be interesting to see if embedded SIM cards are present in future Apple devices, like the “iPhone 7” or even in the Apple Watch in its later versions. Using an embedded SIM card would save internal space.

[via AppleInsider]