Apple approves FlexBright update that adds flux-like brightness control


Late last year, Apple shut down f.lux for iOS, which tweaks the color and brightness of your phone’s display depending on the time of the day. The company then went on to add a similar feature in iOS 9.3 beta called Night Shift.

Now, the Cupertino company has recently approved a major update for an app called FlexBright that has gained similar feature as Night Shift with its recent v2.0 update. The $2.99 app can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the display of your iOS device depending on the time of the day to reduce the amount of strain on your eyes.

The app also comes with a dark mode that will change the color of the UI elements to black and white to make using your iPhone or iPad easier in the dark and reduce eye strain even more. There is a slight catch with how FlexBright works though: it does not automatically change the brightness of the display, and instead sends a notification to the user to change the brightness level or the color temperature of the display at pre-specified times.

On the bright side though, the app works even on non-64-bit iOS devices, which will not be supported by Apple’s own Night Shift feature in iOS 9.3.

I am pretty sure the developers behind f.lux must be feeling pretty betrayed by Apple’s decision to approve this update of FlexBright. The team had previously requested Apple to open up APIs to allow them to bring f.lux to iOS through the iOS App Store, rather than forcing users to sideload it. Not only did Apple not pay attention to their request, it went on to introduce a similar feature in its own OS, and now to add more insult to their injuries, the company has allowed another app on the App Store to offer similar functionality.

Download: FlexBright ($2.99)