Apple News is opening up to all publishers beginning this week

Apple News

Next week, Apple will take the stage in California to announce new products. This week, the company is making some changes to its News app.

According to a report published recently by Bloomberg, Apple has plans to open up its News app to all publishers this week, effectively opening the doors to all publishers that might want to release their content through the Apple app. This is meant for all publishers, not just the big ones, as even the small, independent blogs will be able to publish their posts to the news aggregator.

This goes hand-in-hand with previous reports that Apple opened up its publishing guidelines for advertisements that will appear in content feeds.

At the same time, an anonymous source said that Apple has also fixed a bug that was reporting inaccurate metrics from readers, and that now the News app is integrated with comScore in the way that it should be. As a result, the source said that Apple will reportedly make the traffic figures public at some point this year.

The report also echoes past rumors from January of this year, in which publishers can take 100 percent of their ad revenue that they sell directly through the News app, while Apple will reportedly still take 30 percent from the ads that are utilized in the app, but that they sell.

[via Bloomberg]