Apple Pay in China activated with 3 million cards in first two days at just one bank

Apple Pay in China

On February 18, Apple Pay officially went live in China by way of UnionPay, and according to at least one of those banks, it’s been quite a success story.

We’re a few days into March, but one bank, China Merchants Bank, is reporting that within the first two days of Apple Pay’s availability, 3 million cards were activated with the mobile payment option. For Apple Pay’s chief, Jennifer Bailey, it’s a big win, and she told Internet Retailer, “I would rate our first-day performance as 1,000, if the full score is 100.”

The report indicates that Starbucks, McDonald’s, a chain of convenience stores called FamilyMart, as well as Dianping and Meituan were the biggest beneficiaries of Apple Pay’s wide adoption as people used the option to buy goods.

One web-based retailer reportedly booked more than 10,000 Apple Pay orders within the launch period, and the report states that Apple Pay users in China spent just over $15 during the same stretch.

Sounds like Apple Pay is starting off with plenty of momentum in China.

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