Product security expert for Apple will testify in San Bernardino case

Eric Neuenschwander

On Tuesday, March 22, Apple will head into court for the first major hearing in its battle with the FBI over the unlocking of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has called for a evidentiary hearing, which means that the first hearing will consist of testimony from witnesses on both sides. One of those witnesses will be Apple’s security expert for products, Eric Neuenschwander, who will speak on a variety of topics, but focus on the feasibility of the government’s proposed system, as well as Apple’s own security measures.

On top of that, Neuenschwander will argue that the steps the government has taken, and its efforts to force Apple to create what’s been called “GovtOS,” could lead to the endangerment of Apple employees:

“Those employees, if identified, could themselves become targets of retaliation, coercion, or similar threats by bad actors seeking to obtain and use GovtOS for nefarious purposes,” he wrote. “I understand that such risks are why intelligence agencies often classify the names and employment of individuals with access to highly sensitive data and information.”

Apple’s goal for the first hearing, as far as Neuenschwander is concerned in the first efforts, will be to focus on the statutory limits of the All Writs Act, which the FBI and DOJ have leaned on right out of the gate. Apple will apparently not be talking about the FBI’s attempts at unlocking the iPhone 5c, which led to resetting the iCloud account tied to the device.

Fight for the Future is planning a pro-Apple demonstration in front of the hearing on Tuesday.

[via The Verge]