How can you make iPhone alarm sound louder

We all need sleep. But we also all need to get up at some point in time. For many of us, there is no alarm clock-radio plugged into the wall. Instead, we rely on our iPhones to gently or not-so-gently bring us out of our slumber with a classic alarm tone. However, for folks that are heavy sleepers the volume of the alarm is a majorly important adjustment to be made. There is nothing worst than sleeping through an important alarm. So let’s take a look at a few things that can increase the alarm sound, so you never sleep through another alarm again. 

How can you make iPhone alarm sound louder

Ringer - Toggle

Max Volume + Do Not Disturb

Naturally, most of us know how to increase the volume on the iPhone to its max level before falling asleep. This will ensure that the alarm will go off at full blast, making it much harder to ignore. However, when you turn the volume up on the iPhone that doesn’t just apply to the alarm; it applies to all phone sounds. So, if you don’t want to be woken up by a call at 3:00 AM, but still want your alarm to be a loud as possible, make sure to enable Do Not Disturb so you’ll sleep through the night and only be woken up when your alarm goes off.

Connect iPhone to Speakers

If those measly iPhone speakers are not loud enough, it may be time to bring out the big boys. There are many ways for you to connect your iPhone to external speakers: iPhone dock, Bluetooth connection, computer stereos, TV sound system, etc. Whatever your method of choice is, these external speakers will undoubtedly have a much higher range for the max volume. So, plug in or connect to your speaker, select an alarm sound of your preference, and crank the volume on your phone and on your speakers to the level the you see fit. If this extremely loud method doesn’t help wake you up, you might have a problem.

Select a Louder Alarm Sound

Alarm - Sounds

There is a wide range of ringtones and alarm sounds that you can select from by going to your alarm and editing the sound. But if your goal is to have the loudest and most aggressive sound wake you up, then you may want to avoid softer tones like Silk, Twinkle, or Waves. Instead, try using the Classic Alarm sound, Bark (in the classic section), Digital (in the classic section), or Sencha.

Classic Alarms

If none of these sounds really does it for you can pick a song from your iTunes collection. Fair warning, you may end up hating this song for the rest of your life, but as long as it helps you wake up, it may be worth it.

Select Song - Alarm

No speakers, no problem

You can amplify the sound of your iPhone speakers by placing it in a cup, bowl, container and so on. Simply Google “amplify iPhone sound” and you’ll find plenty of neat tricks like this great one here.

DIY iPhone Speakers using Paper towell roll and Plastic Cups

Hopefully, you got a good idea of what you can do to prevent yourself from sleeping through your alarm. Let us know which method works best for you in the comment section.