iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy S7 edge in brutal drop test

iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy S7 edge drop test

If you need your next smartphone to be durable, the iPhone 6s Plus is a better option than Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 edge. Watch the all-glass device give up first in a brutal drop test, which demonstrates how well both handsets cope in everyday drop situations.

EverythingApplePro on YouTube begins by dropping both devices from waist height onto a hard concrete floor. This is probably one of the most common drops, since a lot of people tend to lose their grip on their phone while taking it out of their pocket.

Fortunately, both devices hold up well in this one, which just some minor scuffs and scrapes on their metal frames. Even when dropped directly onto their faces from this height, both devices survive without shattering.

It’s not until they’re dropped from head height that they begin to break down, starting with the Galaxy S7 edge, which cracks along its back after the first drop and goes downhill from there.

Quite remarkably, the iPhone 6s Plus even withstands a 10-foot drop without shattering. Its frame does bend enough to all but ruin the headphone jack, but even after all the drops in this test, the iPhone’s display remains intact.

So, there you have it; the iPhone is more durable than the Galaxy S7 edge. That’s hardly surprising given that Samsung’s new device is made almost entirely out of glass, though. If you really want this model, it might be best to invest in a case.