‘iPhone SE’ gets rendered one more time before March announcement

iPhone SE rumor mockup

The “iPhone SE” is a hot topic of discussion, as iPhones typically are, and with the rumored launch date right around the corner, the renders of what the device might look like are coming out of the woodwork.

Just a couple of days ago, Martin Hajek put together not only his own render of what he believes the device might look like, basing the design off the multitude of rumors swirling around, but also compared that design to other hypothetical designs from other sites. The results are interesting, considering some devices look like a miniature iPhone 6, while others look like an iPhone 5s with curves instead of chamfered edges.

iPhone SE mockup3

Now MacRumors has solicited the assistance of designer Tomas Moyano to put together renders of the iPhone SE based on the most prominent of rumors, putting together a device that, above all else, does indeed look like a smaller version of the iPhone 6, including a camera protrusion on the back of the handset.

That camera protrusion is due to the rumors that the iPhone SE will incorporate a 12-megapixel camera in that thin profile, so while the iPhone 7/7 Plus is rumored to ditch that bump, the smaller handset won’t be so lucky. However, if Apple’s official iPhone SE looks even remotely similar to the rendered iPhone in these images, well, any future owners will probably be plenty happy with what Apple put together.

iPhone SE mockup2

As far as the rumors go, the iPhone SE is said to feature an Apple A9 processor under the hood, along with an M9 coprocessor. It is also said to feature an always-on “Hey, Siri” support, along with NFC connectivity for Apple Pay. Touch ID is said to be included as well, and it will offer Live Photos as well. It’s familiar size to the iPhone 5s won’t be the only similarity, with rumors suggesting the iPhone SE will be priced right along the same lines, and that it will be available in a 16GB and 64GB variant.

It is now expected that Apple will host its iPhone SE event, where it is also believed the company will announce a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and more Apple Watch bands, on March 21, with a launch date later that same week.

Are you planning on picking up the iPhone SE?

[via MacRumors]