Israeli Firm Cellebrite Reportedly Helping the FBI in Unlocking San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

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Citing an article in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper in Israel, Reuters reports that the FBI has received help from an Israeli company called Cellebrite to unlock the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino shooter. The website of the Israeli company claims that it is a provider of mobile forensic solutions.

If Cellebrite is able to help the FBI in unlocking the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter, the FBI will no longer need Apple’s help in the matter. Exactly how Cellebrite will help the FBI in accessing the data stored on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c remains unknown for now. The company has also declined to comment on this matter.

The FBI was all set to fight it out with Apple in a court on Tuesday, but the DOJ requested that the hearing be rescheduled as a potential method has been discovered to unlock the iPhone without requiring Apple’s help. The hearing was requested by the government to be delayed by two weeks, with the judge asking DOJ to provide an update by April 5 until which the motion that ordered Apple to help the FBI has been suspended.

Apple can get the information behind the method used by Cellebrite if its case against the government continues. If it is dropped though, Apple will no longer be able to ask the FBI for this information.

[Via Reuters]