Received an empty email from January 1, 1970? Its an iOS bug

iOS Mail app icon

The January 1, 1970 bug continues to haunt Apple. Last month, the company acknowledged a bug which caused iPhones and iPads to brick themselves if their date was changed to January, 1970, and now another bug, though less harmful, has popped up that also has to do with the same date. 

This new bug shows that you have one (or few) new email(s) from January 1, 1970 in your inbox. The issue only seems to be affecting the stock mail client of iOS, with other third-party apps not being affected by it.

These ghost emails are empty and will not brick your iPhone in anyway. While they can be deleted without any issues, it seems to be reappearing after sometime for some people. Most of the iPhone owners affected by this bug were in a different timezone than the default timezone set on their iPhone.

The harmless blank emails from 1970 can be removed by closing the mail app and doing a hard reset on your iPhone.

Did you see any email from 1970 popping up on your iPhone’s mail client recently? If yes, what did you think first that it contained? Have you faced this issue? Let us know in the comments

[Via The Telegraph]