Rumored ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-camera module shown off in new images

dual-camera setup module

The next iPhone, tentatively known as the “iPhone 7” will have a slightly redesigned frame, but the real stand-out could be the “iPhone 7 Plus,” and not just because of its larger display.

According to several different reports that have surfaced as of late, Apple plans on making the camera in the larger iPhone 7 Plus a bit different than the one present in the iPhone 7, like was the case with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This time around, though, the difference will be significantly bigger, if the rumors are true.

This time around, Apple could be introducing a dual-camera setup with the iPhone 7 Plus, and what could be the module for that camera system has allegedly been revealed in new images. Unfortunately the parts, and which device they’re destined to be installed in, can’t be verified at this point. They were published initially by [translated], and they do look similar to other images of modules rumored to be headed for the iPhone 7 Plus later this year.

As for the module itself, it does appear to show a narrower lens set within a larger enclosure on the left side, with an opposite setup (wider lens in a smaller enclosure) on the right. And, without surprise, there are two cables to connect the dual-camera module to the logic board within the device.

As noted by MacRumors, while it’s not possible at this time to confirm if the module is actually headed to the iPhone 7 Plus, the part number is listed as “821,” which Apple has used in the past. That’s not a guarantee, but it does seem to at least suggest it’s possible this is headed for the oft-rumored next iPhone.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Apple develops if they do indeed implement a dual-camera setup?

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