Spigen’s iPhone SE case renders showcase an iPhone 5s-like design

Spigen iPhone SE case

The question still remains what the iPhone SE (or iPhone 5SE) is going to look like, and now Spigen has apparently tipped its hat in one direction.

As first reported by MacRumors, based on case renderings for the upcoming 4-inch, but still very unofficial, iPhone SE, it will have a design that’s more similar to the iPhone 5s, rather than a smaller version of the iPhone 6/6s. Up until this point, both design drawings and case renders for the device have been all over the place as far as design goes, indicating that not even case manufacturers are sure what the new iPhone will look like.

Spigen iPhone SE case2

As can be seen in the images here, the case renders are indicative of a design that’s practically a mirror image of the iPhone 5s, with the round volume buttons on the side and the Power button up along the top edge. The camera is located in the top-right of the device, and that vertical pill-shape flash design is still there as well. It’s believed that the iPhone SE will have a 12-megapixel camera, to which many believe will have a slight bulge from the back of the device. Unfortunately, we can’t see if that’s the case here.

The report goes on to say that multiple cars manufacturers have said that the iPhone SE will have the same size profile as the iPhone 5s as well.

These are just case renders, however, they can typically be pretty reliable, so it’s beginning to look like we might know how Apple is designing the upcoming iPhone, even before they announce the phone. If the iPhone SE does look like the iPhone 5s, will you still pick one up?

[via MacRumors]