Video showcases unofficial ‘iPhone SE’ and ‘iPhone 7’ cases with noteworthy differences

iPhone SE iPhone 7 cases

In under a week, Apple will reportedly announce a new 4-inch iPhone, while later this year it’s expected to launch a new flagship. Pre-release cases for both of those devices have found their way in front of a camera.

The cases, which are developed by third-party companies based on a flood of rumors and insider information, were put on video by YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger for Unbox Therapy. While there are a plethora of rumors and reports surrounding the design of the “iPhone SE” and “iPhone 7,” these cases are supposedly put together based on accurate designs. While it’s not possible to confirm that at this point, they do seem to line up with the most fervent of rumors, pointing to an iPhone SE design that’s similar to the iPhone 5/5s, and an iPhone 7 that’s designed without a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In the video, which is just under five minutes long, Hilsenteger starts with the case for the oft-rumored iPhone SE, which he compares with an iPhone 5. He notes that there are some differences, but the phone fits into the case well enough for the most part. The differences include slight changes to the positioning of the volume keys on the side of the device, which could lend credence to reports that Apple has gone with a curved design, much like we see on the iPhone 6/6s, instead of a flat design that was used with the iPhone 5 all those years ago.

A slight design change from the iPhone 5 would make sense, bringing the iPhone SE in line with the iPhone 6 design, but still harkening back to the iPhone 5 in the right ways. An amalgamation of both handsets probably won’t be a bad thing to the folks who plan on buying the new 4-inch iPhone.

Next, Hilsenteger focuses on the iPhone 7 case, and compares it with an iPhone 6s. The one thing he immediately notices is the size difference in the camera cutout on the back of the case, noting that in the case for the unreleased phone it’s much bigger than what’s needed for the iPhone 6s. Otherwise, the iPhone 6s fits almost perfectly into the case.

The size discrepancy with the camera cutout is interesting, because many believe that Apple will utilize dual-camera technology for its upcoming flagship, but that the feature will only be present in the largeriPhone 7 Plus.” It’s possible that Apple is designing a different camera setup for the iPhone 7, even if it doesn’t plan on using the dual-camera setup, which could explain the different camera cutout in the case.

The bottom of the case also corroborates earlier rumors that Apple will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, in favor of the all-encompassing Lightning port in the bottom of the handset. While the cutouts do line up with the current design of the iPhone 6s, Hilsenteger confirmed that trying to insert a 3.5mm headphone plug with the case on shows the cutout is too thing to accommodate the accessory.

The cases aren’t official by any means, and the phones haven’t even been announced just yet, but with all of the rumors piling up ahead of the necessary announcements, it’s at least worth considering them as signs of the future. With that in mind, do you plan on picking up an iPhone SE if Apple unveils one, or are you waiting for the iPhone 7 later this year?

[via Unbox Therapy]