Which color iPhone SE should you buy — Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold or Silver?

iPhone SE
Apple earlier this week introduced the iPhone SE, a model designed for customers who want a powerful phone with a smaller screen. Similar to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the iPhone SE is available in three color options — space gray, silver, gold and rose gold. So which color option are you going to choose? Read on for some useful tips to help you decide.


Ever since its introduction, gold has been a controversial color — some people hate it while others absolutely love it. No matter what you think about gold you have to admit that Apple has done an exceptional job with its gold color option.

Apple’s gold is appealing, closer in hue to champagne than a bright, tacky yellow. The gold back plate also is accented by a white-colored front plate and white trim across the back. Because it is a white phone with gold accents, this color choice may hide scratches better than its black counterpart, which tends to show everyday dents and dings. Although white may hide scratches, it also will show more dirt and grime. This quality is important to remember if you work or play outdoors and are concerned about the appearance of your phone. If you go with this gold model, you may want to invest in a good lint-free cleaning cloth so you can clean the phone without scratching it.

Rose Gold

Starting with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple ported this exciting new shade of gold from the Apple Watch and brought it to the iPhone lineup. Paired with a white front faceplate and matching white trim on the back, the Rose gold back plate has a classy, feminine look that will turn heads when you use it in public.
Just be careful how you carry it as the white tends to highlight the dirt and grime more than the dark colored casing of the space gray model.
It’s too pretty to soil, so you may want to wrap this beauty in a matching case.


Silver has been a staple of the iPhone lineup though it was originally branded white when the color choice was first introduced. Like the gold and rose gold version, the silver iPhone has a white-colored front plate and trim across the back. The backplate is a silver colored anodized aluminum that is lighter in hue than the space gray model. Once again because it has a white faceplate, the phone will likely hide any superficial scratches, but boldly show off any and all dirt.


Space Gray

The space gray iPhone mixes a grey anodized aluminum backplate with an all black front. It’s a sleek coloring that matches any accessory you throw at it. Not only does it look great, but the dark color also helps to hide the dirt, though it may show off scratches a bit more than its white counterpart. Media watcher takes note as the full front black face is perfect for watching movies, which look fantastic against the dark borders of the phone.

Which color will you choose?

Color choice is a very subjective choice, so there really is no perfect option that is significantly better than the others. If you have the time, head to an Apple Store to look at the range of available colors and pick the one that best suits your style. Make your choice and move on. If you get tired of the hue you purchased, you always can add a case to change its appearance down the road. Are you planning on purchasing an iPhone SE? Which color will you buy? Let us know in the comments.

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