Apple Has Secret Project Titan Car Lab in Berlin Staffed by ‘Top-Class’ Employees

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Apple’s experiments with new automotive vehicles go far behind the walls of Cupertino. According to a new report, the company has a secret Project Titan car lab in Berlin, where it houses around 15 to 20 “top-class” employees who develop new automotive technologies.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports that the employees, all of whom come from the German automotive industry, have diverse backgrounds in engineering, software, hardware, and sales.

“Held back by managers at traditional car companies, these “progressive thinkers” reportedly operate the lab as an incubator for ideas on future vehicles, studying potential manufacturing partnerships, governmental issues and sales concerns relevant to Germany, among other topics,” relays AppleInsider.

F.A.Z. adds that while Apple’s first car will be electric, and will be manufactured by Magna Steyr’s Austrian, it will lack the self-driving capabilities that we’ll see from future iterations, with Apple’s computer-assisted technology still in development.

It’s thought Apple is also looking at ways in which it will sell Apple Car. Without its own dealership network, F.A.Z. reports that Apple could launch a vehicle-sharing model similar to BMW’s DriveNow service, which recently arrived in San Francisco.

It’s still unclear when Apple Car might arrive, but most reports suggest we’ll be waiting a while for it yet — possibly until 2019. It’s thought Apple also has over 1,000 employees working on the project in the U.S., many of whom were poached from major car companies.

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