Apple Stops Signing iOS 9.2.1 so You Can No Longer Downgrade from iOS 9.3

iOS 9.2 logo

Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.2.1 — its last iOS 9.2 update — preventing users from downgrading from iOS 9.3 and above. The move comes less than three weeks after Apple made its first iOS 9.3 update available to the public., a website that provides real-time signing status for Apple’s firmware files, confirms that iOS 9.2.1 is no longer being approved by the company. This means that attempting to downgrade to it from a more recent release will simply throw up an error.

Of course, this isn’t exactly bad news for jailbreakers, since there was no jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 anyway. Apple patched two exploits that were being used with earlier versions of iOS 9 when it rolled out its iOS 9.1 release.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re running iOS 9.2.1 or a version of iOS 9.3, then. In fact, it seems there’s a greater chance we’ll see a jailbreak for iOS 9.3 at the moment, since that’s what hackers are focusing their efforts on. Some have already jailbroken most versions of the software.

The only real reason to downgrade to iOS 9.2.1, then, is if it happened to run better than iOS 9.3 on your device. Unfortunately, that’s no longer an option now. If you have iOS 9.2.1 and you’re happy with it, then, you might want to think twice about upgrading.

You should also remembering that restoring your iOS device will also force an upgrade now that iOS 9.2.1 is not available.

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