Apple Store App Gets 3D Touch Peek and Pop Gestures for Product Previews

Apple Store app Peek and Pop

Apple has updated its official Apple Store app to add Peek and Pop gestures that allow you to preview products in a snap. Until now, the only 3D Touch gestures offered by the app were Quick Actions that let you jump into different sections from the home screen.

Following this update, users can press and hold on products within the Apple Store app to open preview pages that provide a sneak peek at their descriptions and specifications. In some cases, you’ll also get a glimpse at price tags.

You can then perform a deeper press to transition into the product page, where you can then read the rest of the description and proceed with an order. However, unlike other Apple apps, such as Mail, there are no swipe actions within Peek mode just yet.

Almost all hyperlinks inside the Apple Store, including images, can be previewed using Peek and Pop. It’s not a groundbreaking change, but it is a welcome improvement that lets you take a closer look at some products without leaving the Apple Store home page.

Of course, you will need an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus to enjoy these features, as those are the only devices with 3D Touch compatibility. However, this update, which also adds support for Korea, Russia, and Thailand, is available to all.

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