Apple Watch Hermès Straps Now Available in New Colors, Will Be Sold Separately This Month

Apple Watch Hermes colors

After announcing new Apple Watch bands at its iPhone SE event last month, Apple has today introduced new color options for its Apple Watch Hermès straps. In addition, the company will soon begin selling Hermès straps separately for any Apple Watch.

Alongside the Fauve (“Wildcat”) straps which have been available since Apple Watch Hermès made its debut, there are now Feu (Fire), Blanc (White), Bleu Palon (Peacock Blue), and Bleu Saphir (Sapphire Blue) options in both single tour and double tour styles.

However, the double tour options are only available for the 38mm Apple Watch, as are the single tour options in Blanc and Bleu Paon. That leaves only the Fauve, Feu, and Bleu Saphir options for the 42mm model.

Apple Watch Hermes double tour

You can also get the Hermès cuff for the 42mm model, but unlike the other straps in the lineup, this one is still only available in Fauve.

For now, these straps are only available when you buy Apple Watch Hermès, but they will be sold separately soon. “Match the look of your Apple Watch to any outfit with an additional Hermès leather band,” Apple says on its website.

“Available in three designs and multiple colours, these easily interchangeable bands quickly update your signature style.”

Apple Watch Hermes singnle tour

Apple doesn’t provide a release date — it just says they’re “coming soon” — but according to Macerkopf, we’ll be able to purchase them on April 19, and this is how much they’ll cost:

  • Single tour — from €350 ($399)
  • Double tour — from €500 ($569)
  • Cuff — €750 ($854)

Note that these European prices include sales tax and the other premiums Apple charges international customers for things like customs fees. Don’t expect U.S. prices to look quite like this, then — this is just a guide. We’ll have to wait for Apple to confirm them.

Will you be picking up an Hermès strap for your Apple Watch?

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