Get the First Ever Projector Built Specifically for Smart Devices [Deals Hub]


Smartphones and tablets are great, but sometimes the small screen just won’t cut it. When you need to broadcast your screen in a way where others can see it, just connect to the RIF6 Cube Projector, on sale now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

You won’t find a more stylish projector than the RIF6 Cube Projector, but it’s more than just a cool-looking piece of technology; it’s also a perfect tool for taking that tiny smartphone screen and blowing it up to a picture size anyone can see. It projects up to 120 inches on any wall, is extremely lightweight and easy to set up, and is perfect for any form of media that you want to share.

The RIF6 Cube Projector usually retails for $299, but you can save 16% off that price right now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. That makes your total just $249 for a device that will change the way you interact with your smart devices.