HP Says Its next Laptop Will Be Better than the MacBook


HP will announce its next laptop on Tuesday, and the company is confident that fans will love it. In fact, it thinks it’s so good that it will replace Apple’s MacBook as “the driver of innovation.”

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal ahead of its event tomorrow, HP PC chief Ron Coughlin said that “for years, Apple has been seen as the innovator and the driver of innovation.” But with its new premium notebook, “HP is really taking over that mantle.”

Given how popular Apple’s laptops are — and the critical acclaim they get for being the best in the business in almost all areas — that’s a big promise to make. Not only will HP’s new notebook have to be prettier than Apple’s, but it will also need stellar battery life and premium features.

For years, Apple’s machines have been praised for their displays, keyboards, trackpads, and battery life. They’re also terrific performers; even the new MacBook with its fanless Intel Core M chip is capable of fulfilling the needs of most consumers.

HP has been following Apple’s laptops closely for a number of years. Some of its more recent releases — such as the Elitebook Folio that was announced at CES back in January — are very close to being straight up MacBook clones.

HP’s new machine is expected to be even thinner than that Elitebook Folio, which measures less than half an inch thick, and will cater to consumers who just want a laptop that’s a laptop — not a laptop/tablet hybrid like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on HP’s event on Tuesday, and we’ll let you know whether we think HP really can take down the MacBook with its next notebook.

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