HTC 10 Is the First Android Device to Support AirPlay out of the Box

HTC 10

Earlier today, HTC unveiled the HTC 10, its flagship handset for at least the first half of 2016. While the phone does sport some impressive specs, the most interesting part in its spec sheet is the support for Apple’s AirPlay standard out of the box. Yes, HTC has actually licensed AirPlay from Apple so as to incorporate it on the HTC 10.

There are some apps on the Google Play Store that do support AirPlay, but supporting the standard out of the box is obviously more convenient.

AirPlay allows you to stream content from your device to your TV connected to an Apple TV or your Mac. Additionally, many speakers also support AirPlay so with the 10, you can now stream audio straight to them. Simply swipe up on the display using three fingers to bring up HTC Connect that will then allow you to stream content to nearby AirPlay-enabled devices around you.

Do you think more Android devices should support AirPlay out of the box? Is the inclusion of AirPlay on the HTC 10 a good enough reason for you to purchase the handset?