iOS 10 Concept Video Showcases Dark Mode, Customizable Control Center, and More

iOS 10 concept video MS

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is set to take place between June 13 and June 17, Apple’s expected to announce iOS 10.

Now, weeks ahead of that announcement, Federico Viticci of MacStories has put together a really nice concept video of what he wants to see in Apple’s next version of its mobile platform. There is a lot to take in, even in a video that only lasts just over two minutes, but each one of Viticci’s dreams here are pretty spot on.

iOS 10 Dark Mode

They include an iOS Dark Mode, which would blackout the system-wide white theme that has predominated iOS as of late. Viticci says the easiest place to find Dark Mode would be under Settings –> Display & Brightness, and envisions a future where it could be activated (and deactivated) manually, and even be set up to a timer. Developers could enable their apps to see when Dark Mode has been activated, and those apps could adjust accordingly.

“Dark Mode would live under Settings > Display & Brightness, and it would be activated like Night Shift – either manually or on a schedule. Developers would be able to see if dark mode has been enabled on a device and program their apps to automatically switch to a built-in dark interface. Additionally, developers would also be able to opt out of dark mode if an app doesn’t require it (say, an app that already has a dark UI or a game).”

iOS 10 Control Center

Another huge boon to iOS 10 would be a customizable Control Center, and only made better with the support of 3D Touch. With this feature, iOS 10 users could hard-press on a setting like Wi-Fi and quickly access Wi-Fi hotspots, or even turn Wi-Fi on or off.

“Thanks to 3D Touch, the modernized Control Center could also offer deeper access to settings by pressing on toggles without actually going into the Settings app. A light press on the WiFi toggle, for example, could bring up a list of known WiFi networks to connect to; pressing on the Bluetooth toggle would show a menu to re-connect to an accessory that a device was previously paired with.”

The full video is pretty fantastic, and there’s a lot to like here in Viticci’s concept video of iOS 10. What would you like to see in the next version of Apple’s mobile OS?

[via MacStories]