‘iPhone 7’ Rumor Suggests Smart Connector and Lack of Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 Plus live leak photo

Back in March, a case for what was rumored to be the “iPhone 7 Plus” leaked, and showed off not only the oft-rumored dual-camera system, but also a Smart Connector.

According to a report published by Macotakara, that particular case is indeed “the real thing,” and was put together by one of Apple’s many assembly partners, Catcher Technology. Based on the report, that case is what Apple plans to bring to the table, but there seems to be some confusion still lingering.

As previously mentioned, the case, pictured above, was originally reported to be for the “iPhone 7 Plus.” Indeed, with previous rumors pointing to the bigger iPhone 7 variant sporting the dual-camera system only, that seemed to line up. However, this report suggests that case is for the iPhone 7. That either means the iPhone 7 will not only feature the Smart Connector, but also the dual-camera system. Either that, or this report suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus is actually the model to get the Smart Connector.

That might make sense, considering the larger size of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Still, the report does also mention that the iPhone 7/7 Plus rumors suggesting it won’t boast a 3.5mm headphone jack, but instead make owners connect their headphones through the Lightning port.

[via Macotakara]