Some iPhone SE Owners Experiencing Audio Issues with Bluetooth Phone Calls

Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE launched at the tail-end of March, and since then many owners have experienced some issues with phone calls using Bluetooth.

For the early adopters out there that picked up Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone, many are experiencing issues with Bluetooth audio when their device is equipped to a Bluetooth headset, or a vehicle, and taking a phone call. For those affected by the issue, GPS voice navigation appears to be troublesome for some as well, while streaming music doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

The issue is seeing plenty of attention within Apple’s Support Community for the handset. Those suffering from the issue say the audio is staticky, sometimes distorted, and others say the audio simply doesn’t work at all, despite being connected to the call.

It appears that the iPhone SE is experiencing the issue regardless of which version of iOS 9.3 it’s running (iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1). Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be a carrier-specific issue, or even a particular model. Those affected are in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and many other areas. For those who are using the iOS 9.3.2 beta, which was released just last week, the issue is apparently still present.

It also doesn’t appear to be an issue connecting to a specific car manufacturer’s vehicle, either. Many users have tried the simple troubleshooting steps, like resetting the iPhone SE in question, turning on Airplane Mode several times, disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth equipment, and other steps. Even changing SIM cards does not work. Whether the issue is hardware- or software-related remains unknown.

According to one user within the Apple Support Community, Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix:

“I have been working with a high level support person who has assured me he is working directly with engineering. Apple has very much become engaged in this issue. They have had me do extensive testing of various conditions in order to document and troubleshoot. Further, there is an internal “Issue” board and tracking system for Apple support and this BT issue is on the top of the list. It was conveyed to me that this has become a very real issue internally and resources are now committed to its resolution.”

If you have an iPhone SE, have you experienced the same issues?

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