iPhone SE Undergoes Gruesome Hammer and Knife Test

iPhone SE in hammer and knife test

iPhone SE may look identical to 2013’s iPhone 5s, but its body has one big improvement. Like Apple’s latest iPhones, the new 4-inch model is made out of Series 7000 aluminum that should make it more durable. Does it work? Find out in the gruesome hammer and knife test below.

Serial smartphone destroyer TechRax wasted no time in subjecting Apple’s latest iPhone to a series of painful torture tests right after unboxing it. In the hammer and knife test below, he attempts to find out how well the Rose Gold model copes with impact and scratches.

TechRax starts by stabbing the device with a knife, leaving gauges in its aluminum unibody and smashing its sapphire crystal camera lens. The iPhone SE obviously doesn’t do too well in this test, but it does surprise us in the hammer test.

It takes dozens of blows and a fair amount of force to shatter the iPhone SE’s Gorilla Glass display. Being smaller, it’s obviously not as fragile as larger smartphones, which means you’re less likely to breat it when you drop it on the ground. It’s clear it’s not too difficult to damage its pretty Rose Gold finish, though, so we still recommend a case.

We also recommend keeping knives and hammers away from your expensive iPhone.