A Look inside Pegatron’s Factory in China Assembling iPhones

Apple iPhone factory Pegatron China

For years, Apple and its supply chain giants Foxconn and Pegatron have been accused of poor working conditions in factories where iPhones are assembled. Apple has worked hard on refuting these claims and improving the working conditions, and for the first time ever, the Cupertino company has provided a publication, Bloomberg, with inside access to one of the factories in China.

Located on the outskirts of Shanghai, the factory is owned by Pegatraon, the second largest contract electronic manufacturer in the world. The factory covers an area “equal to almost 90 football fields.” The factory also features lawns, koi ponds, shuttle buses, and mega-cafeterias —  a far cry from the inhumane working conditions that most people are led to believe.

To comply with labor laws and make sure that workers don’t exceed their overtime limit, Pegatron has come up with a system that requires workers to scan their IDs and faces before they can enter the production line. If they have already exhausted their overtime limit — 60 hours or six days in a row — they will not be allowed to enter the production line by the system. The new system also allows for increased income transparency, which allows employees to check their monthly early, including food expenses and monthly lodging via the various touchscreen terminals located throughout the factory. This new system from Pegatron has allowed it to reach almost 100 percent compliance with overtime regulations.

The whole article from Bloomberg makes for an interesting read and clearly shows that working conditions in factories making iPhones are not as bad as before. However, the question still remains: is the working condition in this Pegatron factory assembling iPhones an exception or the norm?

[Via Bloomberg]