Teardown Reveals iPhone SE and iPhone 5s Share Interchangeable Displays

iPhone-SE teardown

The initial iPhone SE teardown from Chipworks revealed that Apple’s latest 4-inch iPhone contains a mix of components from the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5s. Now, today’s teardown from the folks over at iFixit reveals that the display between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5s are interchangeable. 

This means that you can easily use the display from your old iPhone 5s on your iPhone SE, in case you somehow break it down the line. However, despite coming with same camera setup as the iPhone 6s, the 12MP camera on the iPhone SE is not interchangeable with the former.

Other iPhone SE parts that can be interchangeably used with the iPhone 5s include the speaker assembly, vibrator and the SIM card tray slot. Interestingly, some of the phone components on the iPhone SE have silicone seals to make them waterproof, with others mysteriously lacking them.

An X-ray of the last three generations of 4-inch iPhone also shows how similar the internal layout of the phones are, despite them packing completely different specs.

4-inch iPhone X-ray

In the end, the iFixit team gives the iPhone SE a repairability score of 6 out of 10, which is just a point lower than the iPhone 6s. The team notes that since the display assembly is the first thing that needs to be removed from the iPhone SE, it makes replacing screens a relatively easier affair. The sealed battery on the handset is also easily accessible, though its not exactly user replaceable. However, the pentalobe screws used by Apple do make opening the iPhone SE tougher than usual.

[Via iFixit]