ThinBar Slims Down Notification Banners to Fit in the Status Bar [Jailbreak Tweak]


Do you find the notification banner annoying when it appears while you’re watching a movie or playing a game? Check out ThinBar, a new jailbreak tweak that slims down the notification banner to make it less obtrusive.ThinBar shrinks the size of incoming notification banners so that they fit in the Status bar and consume a smaller portion of the screen. To display the entire text that has been jammed into the tiny banner, the tweak will automatically scroll the text horizontally if there is any additional information to be displayed.

ThinBar comes with configuration options which can be accessed via the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings. From there, you can enable or disable it on demand and adjust the height of the notification banner. The minimum height you can set is 20px which is the normal size of the Status bar and maximum height you can choose is 64px which is approximately the same size as the normal notification banner.

As you change the value of the height, the tweak will automatically display a test banner at the top of the screen to get a preview of how it looks. Once you’re done with the changes, no respring is required as all the new configurations will be applied right away.


The tweak seems to have been inspired by TinyBar which offered a similar feature. Compared to TinyBar which is no longer supported on iOS 9, this new tweak lacks some essential settings such as adjusting the scroll speed of the text and the duration of the banner.

Personally, I find the normal notification banner obtrusive as it takes a considerable portion of the screen, and can be disturbing especially when there’s a stream of notifications incoming while you’re watching a movie or playing a game. ThinBar does a good job at shrinking the size of the banner to make it less obtrusive.

ThinBar is available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repository and supports iOS 9. Make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Currently, you can only jailbreak iOS 9.1 or lower, check our article for the latest update on iOS 9.3.1 – iOS 9.3 jailbreak.