Twitter’s iOS App Gets Recategorized as News in Effort to Boost App Store Visibility


Twitter has recategorized its official iOS app to boost visibility in the App Store. The app was previously under “Social Networking,” which obviously makes sense, where it ranked number 5. However, it’s now under “News,” where it ranks number 1.

Under the Social Networking category, Twitter had to compete with the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Pinterest, and obviously didn’t stand a chance of getting too high — especially not after another quarter of disappointing growth.

But in the News category, it is competing with apps like Reddit, CNN, Fox News, and AOL, which are obviously easy pushovers. Since switching categories, Twitter has gone from the fifth-most popular app to first. And it’s not just in this chart where it makes a difference.

“More importantly, becoming a number one ranked app could potentially impact Twitter’s “Overall” ranking, which would give it better visibility in the App Store’s top “Free” apps chart where Twitter is #28,” explains TechCrunch.

“The move also puts Twitter’s app in front of a different sort of audience – those who are looking for easier ways to keep up with news on their mobile device, rather than those who want to use another social network.”

While most would still class Twitter as a social networking service, then, you can kind of see how the News category fits — and why it makes a lot of sense. Twitter will be hoping it can at least provide a boost in downloads, which in turn should boost user figures.

Twitter did grow a little bit last quarter to reach 310 million monthly active users, but that’s only 5 million up from the 305 million users it had in Q4 2015. The company and its investors will be looking for much faster growth going forward.

According to app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Twitter should be able to hold onto the number 1 spot in the News category for the foreseeable future. But only time will tell whether it actually makes any difference.

[via TechCrunch]