Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt Interrupts Live Weather Forecast

Windows 10 upgrade weather

It’s hard to argue that Microsoft would like Windows users to upgrade to the latest iteration of the platform, Windows 10.

It’s even harder to argue that point when many PC owners are faced with constant reminders that Windows 10 exists, and that they should, post haste, upgrade to the new software. Recently, during a live weather forecast from news broadcaster KCCI 8, Meteorologist Metinka Slater was trying to outline the upcoming weather in Iowa, when Windows 10 decided it would be better if everyone watching knew the news network hadn’t upgraded to Windows 10 just yet:

Slater was quick to react, though, and even joked about the petulant upgrade notification, joking, “Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10, what should I do? Don’t you love when that pops up!” She quickly removed the prompt, and managed to carry on despite being rudely interrupted.

If you have a Windows PC and you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, there’s a good chance that an upgrade notification like this has showed up for you, too. Is it as bad as the Blue Screen of Death? Probably not, but for some it might be getting pretty close — depending on how often the prompt shows up.

It is a clear reminder, though, that sometimes technology just gets in the way, or can be less-than what we really expect. While having issues with software can be as minimal as having to deal with a spinning rainbow beach ball from time-to-time, or having a live weather forecast interrupted, sometimes technology just gets in the way.

When’s the last time technology got in your way?

[via The Verge]