2017 iPhone Could get ‘More Complex’ Vibrations from Enhanced Taptic Engine

The Perfect iPhone 7

The 2017 iPhone is already being talked about on a regular basis, despite the fact Apple has yet to announce the 2016 iPhone.

And now another report from Nikkei continues that trend, suggesting that Apple has plans to introduce an enhanced taptic engine into the iPhone launching next year. The result should be that next year’s iPhone will feature “more complex tactile vibrations.” Unfortunately, the report doesn’t go into any major details regarding the new piece of hardware that Apple will include in next year’s flagship.

It’s not surprising to hear that Apple would be upgrading the taptic engine, but it is interesting to hear of the possibility along with Apple rumored to be integrating Touch ID into the display in next year’s iPhone as well. The new engine could help simulate touching an actual button, if Apple plans on getting rid of that particular ability.

As far as other rumors about next year’s iPhone go, it could boast an all-glass design, be waterproof, and even boast an edge-to-edge display. It could also be called the iPhone 8. The 2017 iPhone is also rumored to feature an OLED display.

[via Nikkei]