Apple Hires Ex-Google Employee Who Worked on Smart Electric Car Charging


Apple’s secret car project is widely regarded as an “open secret” in the Silicon Valley. The car is still more than a few years away from its official unveiling, but the very prospect of Apple working on a car has got many people excited. It has also led many experts to follow the company’s activities closely to try and find more information about the company’s first car.

Apple has already poached (and hired) plenty of automotive experts from other automotive makers and ex-Tesla employees for its secret Project Titan. Now, a report from Quartz reveals that the Cupertino company recently poached a Google employee: Kurt Adelberger for its car project. Adelberger was one of the inventors of an electric-vehicle charging system for which Google has applied a patent for.

The patent describes a charging system in which a device would manage the connection between the electric vehicle and the charging station. It would automatically determine the power required by the car and the charge the power station has. This device would also be able to calculate if energy will be available from the charger at a lower rate a few hours later, and it will then make sure that the car does not start charging until the rates fall.

Since Google’s application, Adelberger left the company to join Apple as a product designer. His LinkedIn page does not reveal more information about this role and job at Apple, but its safe to say that he is working on Project Titan. Adelberger recent work include working on energy storage and reducing the cost of charging electric vehicles.

Are you excited about the Apple Car? Do you think it will live up to all the hype that is building around it?

[Via Quartz]