Apple Music’s Big iOS 10 Redesign to Feature Black and White UI, Lyrics Integration, and ‘Huge Artwork’

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Apple Music hasn’t been around too long just yet, but reports already indicate Apple is gearing up to change it in a big way.

And most of those changes will arrive with the platform’s user interface. According to a new report from 9to5Mac, just what subscribers should expect has come to light, by way of sources familiar with the matter. It’s already been reported that it’s expected Apple will showcase these changes at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is set to take place in mid-June, and that Apple plans on launching the redesigned Apple Music sometime this fall.

According to the report, Apple has been working on this redesign of Apple Music since the tail-end of last year, and that a major push to get it ready for primetime happened in February of this year. Those changes are geared towards the user interface, with the report suggesting Apple will shift away from the white and semi-translucent design, and shift towards a more black-and-white design. To help balance the black-and-white design, the new Apple Music will reportedly feature “huge artwork” to help avoid any dull displays.

The new design will also help promote the ability to share songs, and the use of 3D Touch is said to be expanding as well. Connect, though, where artists and bands share with followers, will be relatively unchanged. Apple’s proprietary San Francisco font will be heavily integrated into Apple Music with the redesign. Moreover, most of the new changes that are coming down the pipe are focused within the “For You” section:

“While the most of the Apple Music service will be redesigned, much of the emphasis is on the “For You” feature, the tab that recommends songs, albums, artists, and music videos. This section will be simplified and better promoted to increase usage of the feature. While the interface will change, the functionality will use algorithms similar to today’s Apple Music recommendations engine, according to sources.”

Apple Music will reportedly be losing the “New” tab in the new design, and will instead be replaced by a new “Browse” option.

The new redesign will also boast a few new features, including lyrics integration:

“This will include wide-ranging support for song lyrics. Apple Music users interested in reading song lyrics must currently manually search for lyrics online and have the option of syncing these lyrics to Apple Music by editing song files on the Mac.”

The report finally adds that the new redesign will launch in a beta form most likely as part of iOS 10 this summer, following its WWDC reveal, and that it will see a public launch in the fall alongside the release of iOS 10.

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