HTC 10 Reviewed: A True Flagship Competitor

HTC 10 review2

When it comes to flagship smartphones, HTC is one of the companies that most people expect to see something great emerge.

With the HTC 10, the company is dropping the “One” brand and simply opting to use a number after the business name. It’s a stark change, but it could work for the new smartphone that the company has released. Shipping for the unlocked model began in the United States in early May, and carriers are preparing to launch the new flagship soon.

Sister site Android Beat took an in-depth look at the HTC 10 and appears to have come out the other side quite impressed. They call the handset a “perfect slice of high-tech” in their review, and it appears to finally be the flagship competitor HTC has been striving for for years now.

Here’s how it breaks down:

When it comes to hardware, HTC has apparently hit another one out of the park. The company was the first to really jump on board the unibody aluminum design work, and the HTC 10 has been refined in all of the right ways, with a few design decisions that stand out — even with the missing front-facing speakers.

“My tiny grouch over the missing speakers aside, the HTC 10 is just about perfect. Where other manufacturers (cough – Huawei) play at producing metal smartphones, with token frames that crumple under stress, HTC have done the job properly. The 10 is incredibly strong, with so much metal than it can’t be bent, even when sat on or run over. The screen is exposed, of course, and remains the most likely point of damage, but being housed in such a strong chassis you’d hope that the glass is more protected than on more fragile devices. The 10 is heavier than most, at 160g, but I’d class it as ‘reassuringly’ heavy.”

HTC 10 review

The camera has seen some of the biggest changes over the years, as HTC tried desperately to push its UltraPixel technology and brand with the launch of the One (M7) many years ago. But it looks like the changes that HTC brought to the 10 are worth the wait, with the smartphone taking great pictures and video:

“The rest of the time I was impressed by the results from the HTC 10 though, its main camera is right up there in the same ballpark as the Lumia 950, LG G5, Galaxy S7, and so on. It seems that HTC has finally nailed imaging in its flagship. Phew.

Video is captured at up to 4K and in stereo too, again right up where HTC needs this device to be. 1080p is still the sweet spot, of course, offering both OIS and digital stabilisation for super smooth video recording.”

HTC 10 review3

HTC introduced a new “Freestyle Layout” feature with the HTC 10, which allows the owner to launch semi-interactive wallpapers on the handset. It’s a nice little feature, especially as an extra added to HTC’s Sense UI proprietary interface. It sounds like an interesting addition, at least, even more so since the feature apparently doesn’t impact performance.

One gripe that came up, though, was battery life. The HTC 10 is a powerful device with a pretty big QHD display, and apparently with all of those things combined, the 10’s battery life could be a bit better with regular usage:

“If there’s a small flaw in HTC’s perfect ‘10’ it’s that battery life isn’t stellar at the moment. That 820 processor, QHD screen and 4GB of RAM are perhaps the culprit, but using it as my main smartphone (i.e. for everything), I was below 10% capacity by bed time, and this is even with Android 6.0.1 onboard, with Doze helping out, and a 3000mAh battery inside. Admittedly I was running the display at maximum (auto-)brightness, in order to get the ‘pop’ that I’ve been used to with AMOLED phones and I dare say that a more frugal setting would help here. If you’re happy at ‘50%’ (auto-)brightness then you’ll have no problems whatsoever.”

In the end, it sounds like the HTC 10 is a pretty great device from a company that’s been waiting to get a really great device out in the wild for a bit of time now.

“The HTC 10, from its super audio to snappy performance to sensational camera, is the flagship competitor that the company badly needed to deliver. And it has, in spades. It may not necessarily be better than the Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s or similar, but it’s right up there with the best. Well done, that ‘10’ moniker really is deserved.”

Check out the full review through the source link below, and be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of the HTC 10.