Hyundai Adding Apple CarPlay Support to 8 New Models


Hyundai has been showcasing Apple’s CarPlay in-car system since 2014, and the rollout for some of its vehicles has continued ever since.

In December of last year, for example, it was confirmed that Hyundai would be adding CarPlay support to the 2015 Sonata, and in January of this year the 2017 Hyundai Elantra got the CarPlay love, too. Now, the company has plans to roll out CarPlay support to eight additional models within its fleet of vehicles, as reported by MacRumors:

“Hyundai is releasing a software update that brings CarPlay support to eight new vehicles, including the 2016 Elantra GT, 2015 and 2016 non-hybrid Sonata, 2017 Santa Fe Sport, 2017 Santa Fe, 2015 and 2016 Genesis Sedan, and the 2016 Tucson.”

To get the update, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Simply remove the SD card from your vehicle’s in-dash system. You’ll download the software update from Hyundai directly from right here, put the software on the SD card, and then insert the card back into your in-dash system in the vehicle. You’ll follow the upgrade process, and then your car will have CarPlay support. One important thing: You’ll need to have your car running to get the upgrade to work.

Do you have CarPlay support in your vehicle?

[via MacRumors]