iPhone 7 Accessories Leak Out Early, Confirming No Major Design Changes

iPhone 7 screen protector

New accessories for the iPhone 7 are already being manufactured and sold ahead of the handset’s official debut this fall. The cases and screen protectors all but confirm that the device will bring no major design changes this year.

Pocket-lint got its hands on the accessories during the Computers Unlimited Exposed event in London. They are manufactured by established and popular cake maker Cygnett, which suggests they’re based on more than just rumors.

Assuming they are accurate, the cases confirm Apple’s next iPhones will look identical to its last. Recent reports have warned that we won’t see big changes this year, but Apple is expected to be planning much bigger changes for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary in 2017.

Some of the changes we are likely to see include a larger camera sensor on the iPhone 7 and dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as redesigned antenna bands that aren’t quite as easy to see from the back. We have seen some additional sensors, too.

“The screen protector, which is designed to stick over the front of a phone to make the glass more sturdy, shows two sensor holes above the front microphone instead of one,” notes Pocket-lint. An additional sensor has also been spotted on the back of the device alongside its camera.

Of course, we cannot confirm these accessories are accurate at this point. Cygnett claims they’re based on design specifications — not just rumors — but until Apple makes everything official this September, it’s best to just wait and see.

[Via Pocket-lint]