‘iPhone 7’ Dummy Unit Supposedly Surfaces; Showcases Flush Camera, Missing Antenna Bands, and Smart Connector

iPhone 7 dummy unit

The “iPhone 7” won’t be unveiled for a few months, but what’s believed to be the smartphone’s dummy unit has found its way online ahead of time.

The report comes from MacRumors, which, according to an anonymous tipster, says the above image showcases an iPhone 7 dummy unit. Of course, something like this could easily be faked, and the report should be approached with some skepticism, it does at least do a good job of rounding up the rumors and putting together a believable enough unit.

The unit does look quite similar to the existing iPhone 6s, but with some notable differences. The first of which, and what’s probably immediately apparent to anyone comparing it to the current generation iPhone, is the missing antenna bands. That would line up with previous rumors, suggesting that Apple’s keeping the overall design of the iPhone 6/6s for this year’s flagship, but with a relatively minor aesthetic change. Unlike the iPhone 6/6s, the antenna bands on the iPhone 7 will supposedly be at the top and bottom edge of the handset, and slightly extend to the edges.

Another interesting change is what looks like a flush rear camera housing. The iPhone 6/6s both feature a rear camera housing that protrudes slightly from the back casing, something that’s a bit of a mixed bag of results for iPhone owners. However, it has been previously reported that Apple’s iPhone 7 would feature a flush camera, and this dummy unit would seem to confirm those rumors if it’s the real deal. And, as expected, this iPhone 7 dummy unit does not feature a dual-camera system on the back, as that feature is expected to be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Finally, the dummy unit does appear to show that the iPhone 7 will feature a Smart Connector near the bottom of the handset. This could be used to transfer data and power accessories attached to the iPhone 7, like cases, and could even be a solution for wireless charging. However, a recent report recently suggested Apple has ditched the Smart Connector feature for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, and could be waiting until the iPhone 8 to launch that particular feature — or ditch it altogether.

It isn’t easy to see, as the angle of the picture doesn’t really offer a clear look, but it does appear that the dummy unit isn’t outfitted with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but instead only boasts the Lightning connector along the bottom edge. As it stands, the rumor that the iPhone 7 won’t feature a 3.5mm headphone jack has been rampant. However, more recently, a leaked part suggested the 3.5mm headphone jack could still make the cut for the iPhone 7.

Earlier today, another report surfaced that indicated the iPhone 7 will have similar dimensions when compared to the iPhone 6s. That certainly doesn’t confirm that this dummy unit is the real thing, but these rumors all seem to be leaning towards Apple making only minor changes and updates to the company’s next flagship handsets. That will obviously have mixed results for potential buyers.

As it stands, the iPhone 7 is also rumored to feature a waterproof design, a possible touch-sensitive Home button, and potentially a slightly larger battery.

[via MacRumors]