Mac Users Plagued by System Freezes After Installing OS X 10.11.4 Update


A substantial number of MacBook Pro owners have been plagued by system freezes after installing Apple’s latest OS X El Capitan update. The version 10.11.4 release causes systems to become completely unresponsive for no apparent reason, forcing users to hard reboot.

The issue is mostly affecting the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro (Early 2015), according to MacRumors, which reports that “hundreds” of forum members have complained about the problem since March 25 — four days after it was rolled out.

“The freeze seems to affect not only the screen and mouse cursor but also the Mac’s Force Touch trackpad, which completely loses feedback,” the report adds. There appears to be no common cause for the crash; it just happens at random.

I’ve experienced the issue myself on a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and one one occasion, it happened almost immediately after the machine booted up. I turned it on, entered my password to login, and then it froze. Evan also complained about the problem in a recent post.

The issue is demonstrated in the video below.

Although the problem appears to be more common on the 13-inch MacBook Pro, other users with the 15-inch model have also seen it after the OS X 10.11.4 update. Some suggest it could be an Intel graphics driver bug, according to crash logs.

Apple Support is aware of the issue, MacRumors adds, but has not offered a solution just yet. We’ll probably have to wait until it rolls out another software update to fix it. Some have even rolled back to OS X 10.11.3 using a Time Machine backup to avoid it.

Since OS X 10.11.4 rolled out, users have also experience problems logging into iMessage and FaceTime.

[Via MacRumors]