Speed Test Compares iOS 9.3.2 with iOS 9.3.1 on iPhone 6s

iOS 9.3.2 speed test

Wondering whether Apple’s latest software update will speed up your iPhone 6s? Look no further than the video below, which compares iOS 9.3.2 against iOS 9.3.1 in a series of real-world tests like booting up, loading apps, and multitasking.

iOS 9.3.2 isn’t a big update, but it did bring a whole bunch of bug fixes that should make using your iPhone smoother and more stable. But will they make it any faster? iAppleBytes puts the new update through its paces against iOS 9.3.1 in the comparison test below.

As you can see, there’s very little difference between this software versions on the iPhone 6s. iOS 9.3.2 may have booted up a split-second faster, but you’re not going to notice that in every day use. And in most other situations, it’s exactly the same as iOS 9.3.1.

But that’s certainly not a bad thing. On the iPhone 6s, iOS 9.3.1 was already incredibly snappy, so as long as it didn’t get any slower — which it didn’t — there’s nothing to complain about. Your device will be just as fast as it was before, only now it’s more stable, too.

iOS 9.3.2 also improved security, Apple says, and made it possible to use the Night Shift feature while Low Power Mode is active. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can get it now by visiting the Software Update section inside Settings, then General.

[Via YouTube]