Apple Music Gets Visual Overhaul with New UI and Features

iOS 10 Apple Music

Back in April of this year, it was confirmed that Apple Music had 13 million subscribers. Now, Apple’s hoping to win even more over with a sizable refresh to the service.

As had been rumored in the past, Apple has officially announced a major refresh to the Apple Music app and service, making key changes to the service’s user interface both for macOS and iOS, which will roll out alongside the launch of iOS 10 later this year.

Apple Music features more artwork, bolder font, and a black-and-white UI that should make everything pop a bit more and easier to navigate. Opening up the Apple Music app will open the Library, and there’s a new Downloaded Music section, which will show the locally-stored music. There’s a Recently Added section, which shows albums, playlists, and songs that were recently added to the library.

Apple Music’s multitasking has changed, too, and there are now lyrics, just as had been guessed, that can be scrolled down to below the artwork. The music playback controls will stay at the top of the screen for easy access.

The For You tab has been changed in a big way as well, including a Discovery mix that have been picked just for you, based on your listening habits. The recently played tab shows what you played last. There are new daily curated playlists, which will set up new playlists based on a daily update.

Top Charts will show you who’s trending, Radio is live in more than 100 countries, and Beats 1 is becoming the largest radio station in the world. Beats 1 has been revamped as well, with live channels, what’s coming up from different hosts, and what’s available from Dr. Dre, Sir Elton John, and listen on-demand to these stations. There is an option to view all stations, which can show genre-based stations which will play music on a constant loop.

Apple’s WWDC keynote is still happening, and you can follow along with our liveblog right here, to stay up-to-the-minute on everything being announced.