Headphone Jack Missing From Latest iPhone 7 Leak

iPhone 7 chassis without headphone jack

A new iPhone 7 leak confirms reports that Apple’s latest model will ship without a headphone jack. It’s thought the company is removing the port to make room for new components, such as larger camera sensors.

Earlier reports claimed Apple was removing the headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 series slimmer. However, other leaks have confirmed that won’t be the case; the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are actually expected to be slightly thicker than their predecessors.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll still have headphone jacks. A new leaked chassis for the iPhone 7 confirms there is no headphone jack cutout, but there is an additional speaker grille on the left side of the Lightning connector instead.

The device also sports a larger camera cutout, all but confirming that the iPhone 7 will have a new and improved camera sensor. The larger iPhone 7 Plus is expected to have dual sensors — plus a Smart Connector adopted from the iPad Pro.

iPhone 7 headphone jack

Losing the headphone jack doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to use your existing headphones. Lightning adapters that let you plug 3.5mm jacks into the Lightning port are already available, and they’ll become even more mainstream this fall.

More headphone manufacturers will also develop models that head Lightning connectors, and as these flood the market, they’ll become more affordable.

[Via PhoneArena]