iOS 10 Is Going to Make Apps Much Faster and Smoother

ios 10 homescreen 1

Some minor changes that Apple is making in iOS 10 will ensure that all your apps run a lot smoother and faster, even on existing iPhones and iPads. The first such change is that while scrolling, the content will automatically be loaded based on the APIs assumption, instead of them being loaded when you actually scroll.

Essentially, the company will allow apps to prefetch data that will ensure that even while scrolling, the 60fps mark is not missed. This will ensure that the usual choppiness and jitters that we see while scrolling through apps that load a lot of data will not be present anymore in iOS 10.

The new APIs in iOS 10 are also able to make calls to access your data faster and they do so in a background queue, so as to not affect the performance of the main thread.

The best part about these changes in iOS 10 is that they are automatic and require no implementation from developers. As long as developers compile their apps for iOS 10, their apps will automatically perform better. Considering that most older iPhone users complain about their phone getting slow after a new iOS release, this change from Apple will surely ensure that these users get a better experience after updating their device to iOS 10.

If you are an iOS developer, make sure to hit the source link below for an in-depth read on how some API and underlying changes from Apple will ensure your apps perform even better in iOS 10.

[Via TheNextWeb]