iOS 10 Wishlist Roundup: 13 Things We Want to See at WWDC 2016 Keynote

iOS 10 concept

It’s officially WWDC week. And we’re really excited about iOS 10. We’ve already told you all about the iOS stuff that’s rumored to be announced at WWDC tomorrow. But we also wanted to talk about things we really hope Apple comes out with in iOS 10. Rumored or not, this is the stuff we really want to see.

1. Customizable Control Center

This is not a new entry in the wishlist. We’ve basically wanted a customizable Control Center ever since we saw it in iOS 7. We’ve written about awesome fan concepts and our wishes in detail here. While you’re at it Apple, mind throwing a bit of 3D Touch support for Control Center items too? So I can quickly switch between Wi-Fi networks without ever opening the Settings app.

2. Siri API

Credit: MacStories
Credit: MacStories

Amazon has Alexa, Google will soon have Assistant and Microsoft has Cortana. All the personal assistants support APIs for developers. They just open up such a big world. We’ve discussed a future Siri API in detail here. WWDC would be just the perfect time to announce this. The cheers from the 5000 developers in the hall will surely match to that of Swift reveal.

3. Stable Custom Keyboards

gboard featured

With Gboard, custom keyboards finally became something I actually wanted to use. But the thing is Apple just doesn’t want me to. In an average day of use, iOS decides to switch back to the default keyboard in its own, at least 3 times. If not that, there’s some other bug.

And it’s not like switching between keyboards is easy, with each keyboard having its own implementation.

We’ve talked about our custom keyboard wishes in detail here. Please make it better Apple.

4. Notifications Overhaul

I’m really loving what Android has done with notifications in Android N. Yes, Android has surely borrowed from iOS, chief among which being the gesture to pull down and reply to a text.

But overall, Android just does notifications better. It groups notifications better, there’s an easy way to get rid of them or interact with them in multiple ways. I’d like Apple to copy some of that in iOS 10.

5. iPad Pro Multitasking Overhaul

ipad multitasking
Credit: MacStories

I recently got an iPad Pro 9.7 inch (in fact, that’s what I’m using to type this right now) and while Split View is really great for writing in one app and researching in another, there’s a lot of stuff Apple can do here.

First of all, pulling in another app side by side is totally a hidden interaction. Even when you do get to it, the Slide Over app picker is shockingly barebones. You have to swipe like crazy to find that one app you want to dock to the right. A quicker way to get to your favorite apps or a search bar would really help.

And there’s no easy way to drag content from one app to another (stuff like text or photos). Also, a way to split apps between the 50/50, and the 75/25 ratio would be nice as well.

Another complaint I have for Split View (and I have many) is that a lot of apps, including Apple’s own like Settings and App Store, don’t support it. I really like how Android has done this in Android N where basically every single app can run in split screen mode from day one.

6. Multitasking For Same Apps

One thing that really hurts me is that I can’t put two Safari windows side-by-side on my iPad Pro. To do that, I had to buy a $1.99 third party app called iCab Mobile. You can kind of fake this by using Sidefari but an official way of running two instances of the same app at the same time would be much appreciated. And this isn’t just about Safari. Having two windows for Pages, or Numbers open at the same time would also be very useful.

7. External Keyboards Do More

I have the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard attached to my iPad Pro and while I love writing on the iPad, it’s kind of a paid to take my hand off the keyboard and to the iPad screen to do something very simple.

I really hope Apple lets us power users do more with the keyboard – like navigating within apps (using the tab button), and gives us more keyboard shortcuts in the next version.

8. Dark Mode

iOS 10 Dark Mode
Credit: MacStories

The Watch app on iPhone and the entire watchOS UI is the best case you can make for an OS-wide dark mode for iOS 10. We know that Apple designers can pull this off and in a tasteful way that wouldn’t make Jony Ive puke. I just hope Apple actually goes ahead and does it.

If you need help Apple, just look at any of these concepts.

9. Ability To Delete and Change Default Apps

I’m pretty sure Apple isn’t going to bring this but a man can dream. If I can get rid of apps like Watch, Stocks, Weather, and more I would just be so happy.

While you’re at it, please let me change the default apps too? Links open in Chrome instead of Safari, and so on.

10. iCloud Drive Is The New File System

I know the entire point of iOS is that there’s no user exposed file system. But with power users using the iPad Pro for doing pro things, Apple really should consider bringing a fully featured file management system for iOS. Even if it’s iCloud Drive based and it only shows files stored in iCloud. Even that will make pro work like image and video editing and sharing work between professionals much easier.

11. Proactive Becomes… Proactive.

Proactive page in iOS 9 is probably the dullest part of the entire OS. It was supposed to be a Google Now kind of thing that would suggest you things to do, apps to open, news to read based on the context – time of the day, location, etc.

But it does exactly none of that. Ok that’s harsh. But if you don’t live in one of the supported countries for much of Proactive’s features, that literally is the case.

I’d really like it if Apple would actually make Proactive, a bit Proactive or get rid of it all together. Bundle Proactive and Spotlight search into Siri and just call it a day, Apple.

12. 3D Touch Becomes Useful

3d touch cursor

I’ve previously written about how I use 3D Touch for exactly 3 things. 3D Touch has been a dud so far and I think it’s Apple’s responsibility to provide developers with tools to really unleash what this new interaction paradigm can do. Yes, in purely a technical achievement sense, 3D Touch is amazing, now just make it useful.

13. Apple Music Reimagined

Apple Music Emmys ad

Apple Music UI really needs to be thought over. And I really hope they’re making Apple Music much more easier to use. Removing complicated stuff like iCloud Music Library and saying goodbye to the Connect tab would be nice.

While you’re at it Apple, would you mind adding Lyrics support for all songs? Musixmatch is nice and all but I’d really like not having to do anything at all to view song lyrics (something I do quite often).

What Are Your Wishes?

I’m sure I missed a lot of little things we all wish to see in iOS 10. What are some things in iOS that you’re really desperate to change? Share your wishes in the comments below.