iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Case Renders Surface, Tease the Smart Connector Again

iPhone 7 Plus case renders

The Smart Connector made its debut with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, made its way to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and if some of those rumors are true it could land on an iPhone, too.

Case renders for Apple’s iPhones rumored to launch this year, what are being called the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, have surfaced, and they don’t show anything that hasn’t already been discussed, rumored, and reported in the past. Specifically, there seems to be just about everything we’d expect in a case for Apple’s upcoming, but still unofficial, 2016 flagships.

That includes no cutout in the bottom of the cases for a 3.5mm headphone jack, which would suggest that Apple does indeed plan on axing that particular port from the next iPhone. That’s been a constant rumor for quite some time, even as we’ve heard the opposite recently, but if the case is any indicator, it looks like Lightning headphones are in future iPhone owners’ destiny.

iPhone 7 Plus case renders2

Secondly, the iPhone 7 Plus case render shows that not only will the larger 5.5-inch iPhone boast a dual-camera system on the back, as we’ve heard constantly for months now, but that it will also feature the Smart Connector on the back of the device. This is a rumor that refuses to go away, but has also been countered with other rumors suggestion the 5.5-inch iPhone won’t feature the connector at all.

A Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 Plus could mean a lot of things, but the most common belief is that Apple will make a battery case of some sort that will work with the connector. Wireless charging options are also a possibility.

The case renders might make it hard to believe that a Smart Connector makes any sense for the iPhone 7 Plus, though. Considering the connector on the iPad Pro units are meant to make it possible to have streamlined covers, like the Smart Keyboard, these case renders show that having anything connected directly to the back of the iPhone 7 Plus wouldn’t work too well. There’s the cutout for the Smart Connector, but the case wold make it hard for anything to connect to it.

It’s possible that the case renders were made some time ago, based on old information, and don’t accurately represent what Apple has planned for its upcoming flagships.

Do you think Apple should include a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 Plus?

[via 9to5Mac]