List of Macs compatible with macOS Sierra

Siri in macOS Sierra

With macOS Sierra, Apple is introducing a number of new features to the platform that will make it immensely more useful for people who are already deeply tied into the Apple ecosystem with an iPhone and Apple Watch. Just like with iOS 10, the final release of macOS Sierra will be released this fall as a free update. 

However, not all Macs will be compatible with Sierra. Despite bringing major new features that have little to do with the underlying hardware, Apple is dropping support for many older Macs with Sierra.


As per Apple, the following Macs will be supported by Sierra:

  • MacBook – 2009 and later
  • iMac – 2009 and later
  • MacBook Air/Pro – 2010 and later
  • Mac mini and Mac Pro – 2010 and later

As evident, the company is dropping support for all iMacs and MacBook released in early 2009 and before. It is also dropping support for MacBook Air, Pro, Mini, and Pro that were released before 2010. It remains unclear on what basis Apple decided to drop support for some of the older Macs, especially since they are more powerful as some of the other Macs that are supported by Sierra.

To find out if your Mac is compatible with Sierra or not, click the Apple logo in the top-left menu bar and select ‘About this Mac.’ The model number of your Mac will be listed under the ‘Overview’ tab.

Are you bummed about Apple dropping support for some older but relatively powerful Macs for Sierra? Drop in a comment and let us know.